The Authors

Ayaan Sheikh

Ayaan was born in Chicago and spent the majority of his childhood in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. He loves school, journaling, math (especially fraction multiplication) and all sportsmostly basketball and soccer. He loves the NBA and watching his favorite players play basketball. Ayaan enjoys simply being a super creative kid, making cool projects and hanging out with his friends. He is blessed with supporting and loving parents, an awesome younger brother and amazing grandparents.

Hafsa Naz Mahmood

Hafsa, a Chicago-area native, started her career as a journalist then moved over to the world of Marketing & Communications leading global companies. She always had a natural talent and love for writing. Hafsa, nicknamed Huffy by her dad, enjoys creative outlets including interior and floral designing, playing the piano, photography, spending time in Chicago and traveling the worldespecially visiting big cities—with her family. She is blessed with a loving husband, two beautiful boysAyaan and Azeemand incredibly supportive family and friends. Hafsa was born in Downers Grove, Illinois and her parents are from Pakistan.