Little Birdies Lose their Colors

Little Birdies Lose their Colors is a story about different colored birds who are the greatest of friends. They all fly into a cloud to play and lose their colors!

At first the birds all love being identical. They forget about their differences and go back to the roots of existence. At the core, they’re all the same.

Eventually, they begin to miss being different and unique. It’s just not as fun for them when they’re all exactly the same.

So Green birdie Ayaan has a great ideaeat a fruit and vegetable of your color and you’ll get your color back. It works!

By eating healthy, and a little bit of creativity, they all get their beautiful colors back. They never want to lose their awesome colors, uniqueness and individuality again.


Little Birdies Lose their Colors is a story that encourages self-identity, diversity, individuality and eating healthy. These topics can be difficult to approach and discuss. By joining the little birdies on their journey, everyone can talk about important issues openly and honestly. This children’s book simplifies complicated topics and brings everyone back to the basics of peacefully embracing and appreciating each other.

Dedicated to

Ayaan, Azeem and our Angel

Nothing is impossible. Reach for the stars.
Make your dreams happen. Always.

All the Children in the World

May we all live in a world that’s accepting of everyone’s
identities, colors, ethnicities, cultures, religions and beliefs
in unity and in peace. May we all educate each other
and rise above any barriers together.

By Ayaan Sheikh & Hafsa Naz Mahmood